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Membership Information

Full membership to this Association shall be open to any active full time paid law enforcement officer, Federal, State, County or municipal, who is a canine handler, trainer or administrator, pending approval of regional elected officers. This shall include members of the Military Police who may be canine handlers, trainers or administrators.

A full member to this Association who retires while being in good standing, or no longer is a canine handler, trainer or administrator, shall retain the benefits of the Association with the exception of holding the offices of National presidency, National Vice-presidency or Regional presidency. 

Any full member may continue as such in the event that they enter military service and later returns to canine law enforcement on a full time basis.

An Associate membership may be held in the Association under the following conditions: A person who trains canines for an established law enforcement agency.

• A retired (not a member at retirement) full time paid law enforcement officer, either Federal, State, County, or municipal, who was a canine handler, trainer or administrator.

• Associate membership must have the approval of Regional Elected Officers.

• Associate membership shall have voting privileges but cannot hold Regional or National office.

• An Honorary membership may be bestowed on a person for distinguish or meritorious acts in the field of canine service.

There shall be a Special Membership to the USPCA. These members shall be any persons so designated by a Regional Executive Board. Detector Dog Handlers whose work is done primarily for Law Enforcement, but are not employed by a Law Enforcement Agency full time or otherwise, may be granted Special membership to the USPCA with sponsorship in writing from a LEA who they have worked for as well as approval from the Region Board in which they reside. The sponsorship letter shall be included with their yearly membership application. Special members who meet these qualifications can be allowed to obtain a USPCA certification on a Regional level only from the geographical Region in which they reside. A Special member shall be liable for dues or assessments. They may attend regular meetings and may be heard at the discretion of the President. Special members cannot hold office, nor do they have voting privileges. 

Membership Fee is $50.00 Per Calendar Year

Download the 2017 USPCA Region 19 Membership Form 

The membership application is a pdf file. 

Software Requirements

To complete the form on the screen, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or above is recommended. Acrobat Reader (version 8.1.2 or newer) will also allow you to save your work, but older versions of Reader will not let you save your partial, or completed form. The latest version of Reader may be downloaded here.

Please click on the link above this line (2013 USPCA Region 19 Membership Form) download the pdf file, type in your information and print it out and make sure you sign it.  

If paying by check, mail the completed, signed application to:  

USPCA Region 19 Inc.
P.O. Box 2507
Birmingham, Michigan 48012 USA

 *****Make sure the check or money order is payable in U.S. Funds and the check must be from a bank associated with a U.S. Bank – Any questions, please email *****

If you are paying by Credit Card or Paypal you can email or fax the completed registration form (Type your name in the signature section) to or fax to (248) 502-0959.

For payments using paypal or a credit card, click on the Pay Now button below to complete the transaction.

Make sure you send credit card or paypal payments in U.S. Funds.